The Chess Memory Palace is a guide to using advanced memory techniques to learn your chess opening repertoire. For the best reading experience, you can buy a paper copy or the ebook.

The core chapters are available for free online. These will be enough to get you started using The Chess Memory Palace method, to perfectly memorise your opening repertoire.


Chess players spend hours and hours trying to memorise openings, but even Grandmasters forget their preparation.

Meanwhile, memory competitors routinely memorise thousands of facts and random digits, using special techniques that anyone can learn.

This book explains how to use these memory techniques for chess.

  • Teaches advanced memory techniques from scratch
  • Contains full worked examples in the Ruy Lopez Exchange and Schliemann Gambit
  • Ideal for tournament players who want to recall their opening repertoire perfectly


The Chess Memory Palace is Copyright © 2022 John Holden, all rights reserved.

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