The Chess Memory Palace explains how to use advanced memory techniques to learn chess openings. Available as paperback or ebookor read the first 3 chapters online.

A Curious Letter from Nebuchadnezzar is a retelling of chapter 4 of the Book of Daniel, from the Bible, in rhyme and pictures. Available as paperback.


(2024/01) Green Man Triptych Sequence in Exeter Cathedral

(2023/12) On Designing Mnemonic Systems – and Why Picture Notation is the Best Mnemonic Code for Chess

(2023/12) Cinematically Showing a Change of Mind

(2023/11) A hospital packing list

(2023/11) Why memorise chess opening theory (with a memory palace)?

(2023/01) Reflections on Peter Kropotkin’s Memoirs of a Revolutionist (1899)

(2022/10) Flint Artefacts from Gidleigh Common

(2021/10) World War Two Geoguessr Map


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