Geoguessr is an online game that places you in a random Google Street View, somewhere on Earth, then challenges you to work out where you are. There are competitive modes and streaks, but my favourite gameplay is simply to team up with a friend and explore one of the fan-made themed “maps” (hand-picked sets of locations), such as abandoned places, extraordinary world, or the thought-provoking and surprisingly beautiful cemeteries map.

Recently I launched a map of my own: WWII battle sites with descriptions. If you don’t have a paid Geoguessr account, you can play 5 locations for free with this link. Each location has a description here.

The map has 130+ locations: mostly battles, as well as some air raids and other notable sites. WWII ruins are still visible in many of them. They cover at least one event from every season from September 1939 to September 1945, plus a few from the Second Sino-Japanese War which began in July 1937. They also cover every continent (yes, really).

I learned a huge amount making this map. I hope you enjoy exploring it and learning history which should never be forgotten.